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Team and Leadership Optimization Services

Unlock Your Team's
High Performance Potential


Are You Struggling With:

  • Low engagement and high turnover

  • Infighting between team members

  • Slow or stagnant growth

  • Missing goals and targets

  • Knowing your team is capable of more...but you don't know how to achieve it

Do you fear you are wasting time and money on a team that will never work well together?

Frustrated Businessman

What could you accomplish if your team was maximizing its full potential?


I have been incredibly impressed by this course. Each workshop seems to provide relevant information for my job, and our instructor Kelli always came prepared to help us learn and come up with our own ideas. 
Work Presentation

There is no magic bullet

We’re not selling snake oil and magic cures here. This is hard work! And it’s ongoing. But with the right planning, tools, commitment and support, you can succeed. You just have to choose it.

Who's a Good Fit For Us

Those who are action-oriented • Have a growth mindset • Willing to work through problems • Willing to go all in • Highly motivated

kelli conference.png

What Makes Us Different
(We’ve Got a Superpower)

We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to struggle to create teams and environments that inspire success to occur. That’s why we do this work.


We excel at clarifying communication between a team and its leaders so the right goals are achieved. You might say it’s our superpower. 

How We Work to Grow Team Performance

Root Cause Analysis

We ask powerful questions to figure out why the team isn’t performing and determine potential solutions.

Team Member Check-Ins

We interview team leaders and members to gain an understanding of their issues and concerns.

Self-Awareness Assessments

These essential tools increase individual understanding, determining what needs to change, modify, or tweak to achieve team success.

Multi-Discipline Approach

No cookie cutter solutions. We customize to fit the goals of the leader and the needs of the team.

Follow Up

We follow up after training to ensure your team stays on track.

It’s a partnership!

You’re never alone. We work with you to make sure your team growth and revenue goals are achieved.

About Us

Kelli and Scott Kellen

We know you want your teams to perform at their best so you can achieve your goals

But it can be very difficult to get diverse individuals and personalities to work well together.


We understand. Completely. Why? Because we’ve been there! We have been in positions where we had to struggle to create teams that fostered success. It was frustrating and costly!


That’s why this work is so important to us. We believe to grow a cohesive team you need professionals who don’t just talk the talk. And we don’t. At KCG TALOS, we offer a multi-disciplined approach to team success as well as considerable team-building experience for over 100+ years combined.


We give you the right tools, (no cookie cutter solutions) expert guidance, and follow-up to ensure your team is staying on track.

How We Work

the Problem

We first need to assess where that team is today. We’ll ask questions and use sophisticated assessments to identify the issues.

Develop a

We'll create a success action plan, and then implement it. You need to know where you’re going and why!

Measure and

Each individual and team may need to implement change and modify or tweak as our success metrics indicate.

Follow Up

You're not alone! We'll be there to make sure you're on track and on target.

There’s no need to keep losing good people or to have your team underperform.


Put our considerable knowledge and expertise to work for you.
We’ll be with you every step of the way, including follow-up.


Grow a cohesive, high performance team and enjoy the success of achieving your goals!

Business team planning a project

Leadership Coaching & Training–
with a Measurable ROI

We’re strongly committed to getting our clients a solid return on their investment. In fact, we don’t feel our job is done until you have met your goals and have a plan for the future.

No "cool ideas" you’ll never use.

No abstract concepts that make you queasy.
We live in the real world.

Proven strategies.

Expert guidance.

Cutting edge tools.


It’s a solid partnership!

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